Monday, February 14, 2011

Nassau Animal Shelter

The real issue with the Animal Shelter is being obscured by the ridiculous salaries and political affiliations of the people involved. The debate should be on whether running an animal shelter is a valid use of public funds at all. Operating a kennel or adoption agency for stray pets is not a valid function of government or a good use of the limited funds available. If the people to whom this is important wish to donate to a center for the purpose that is their business. Like people who want to listen to a particular type of music, public radio and television or enjoy watching people who cover themselves with chocolate in the name of their art, these things should exist or not based upon their ability to generate the funds necessary. If the people who want these things are not willing to make contributions and or buy tickets to keep them in business, why should anyone else.
The story prompted a letter asking when the cat shelter would be build. Seriously. We are going backwards.

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