Monday, March 5, 2012

It isn't free

There were two mistakes made in the latest health care mandate. The first was to display the President’s complete lack of business sense. Somehow, he has determined that moving the requirement to pay for this coverage or any other coverage from the employer to the insurance company is “cost neutral” or free. It is not free; the additional coverage is an additional expense to the insurance company who will make up the money in additional charges somewhere. The “offsets” discovered as cover for his backtracking on this issue are a joke.
His second mistake was in thinking he can issue an edict to people who do not want to buy something and force them to buy it. Forgetting any religious issue, his mindset is that if he thinks you should buy something, you have to buy it. This is the issue with his health care proposal. It does, however, provide a way to make the 25% government owned General Motors more profitable. He can mandate that everyone has to buy a Chevy or he apparently thinks he can.

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