Monday, March 5, 2012

VAlues redux

Hannity ignored a similar screed and, not surprisingly, Newsday didn't print it either, although some of the individual columnists do respond. I've sent things to the candidates and when there is a response - not often - it is a thanks-for-the-interest form letter.
The point is that talking to people who agree will not do any good. It is important to rationally engage and respond to people who disagree. The election will be determined by the 15-20% of the people who don't pay much attention. They are the target. The Hannitys of the world certainly are not aiming at the right place and neither are most of the primary candidates.
Santorum's main ability is to increase Obama's chances;
Paul may be right about lots of things but most of his troops are proud of saying they will stay home in November unless Paul is nominated so we might as well have Dole again.
Unfortunately, Newt is damaged goods.
So, why is there a doubt about who it should be? Social issues. Wonderful.

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