Monday, March 5, 2012

Retire Rush

Tell me again what a wonderful job Rush & Co do helping to convince people that the Democrats are wrong. His latest round of name calling just chased more people away and he gave Obama a few more points in the polls. Good job, Rush.

Mr. Independent voter is looking around to determine who to support; reads some headlines; and even watches some news shows. He learns that Rush supports Republicans/Conservatives and that Rush thinks Democrats are stupid. Mr. Independent also quickly determines that Rush is an idiot. The obvious reaction is that the independent guy will not want to be on the same side as Rush since Rush must be wrong. Think about it; it is a perfectly natural reaction: Don't you automatically not believe anything Pelosi says?

This is my latest letter to Newsday:
First, let's stipulate that Limbaugh is a jerk. Second, here is another analogy. I want to play golf. I can't play golf without golf balls. I want someone else to pay for them. Show of hands - who wants to pay for my golf balls? Same situation.
There is no question that Limbaugh's name calling was moronic. Like all the Republican blabber about values, it moves the discussion from where it should be to issues that are not properly things that the Federal government, political parties and voters should have at the top of their lists.

The sad thing is that he was right but now the story is how he said what he said - not what he was trying to say. Way past time for him to retire and go back (?) to taking drugs. He has zero ability to express himself as other than a complete moron and now has even less chance to help elect to convince anyone that Obama should not be re-elected. I congratulate the advertisers who dropped him and only hope more will do so. My next campaign will be getting people who listen to him to stop so his ratings plummet. Only good things will ensue.

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