Monday, March 5, 2012

The wrong values

I can't take any more.
I am starting a campaign - possibly too late but it needs doing. It is a campaign to get the Republican primary back to the real world. The real world being one where the goal is to have a Republican candidate that:

has a chance to win;
will campaign on issues that impact the majority of the electorate;
has the background to be credible on these issues;
has a personal life that is beyond distortion, although it will be distorted anyway;
understands that while values are important, values are inherently divisive and will not win this election; and does win the Presidential election

So, it is campaign to re-direct the primary effort. Right now, the Republican primary will be determined by people who are focused on the wrong things. As a result, while gas prices reach $4; the Administration admits it doesn't know what to do about gas; the Administration is sending guns to Mexico while Mexico keeps sending us Mexicans; every week another green company that was loaned millions goes bankrupt; I'll stop but there is obviously more, while all this is happening, the Republican candidates who are really pretty close on stuff that matters are falling all over themselves. Why? About whether Fred can marry George, whether George should be in the Army, abortion, contraception, whose theology is the correct one and other stuff that will not get anyone a job, lower their taxes, decrease spending, or stop us from becoming Greece.

Meanwhile, the guy who could win has to defend himself because these primary voters think (and I use "think" in its broadest sense):

that members of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons) are not CHRISTians,
that Mormons are cultists but their religion is not,
that policies he had 20+ years ago makes a difference now. (Note: 26 years before Reagan's speech for Goldwater, he was campaigning for Truman. It's that inability to think again.)

Like it or not, the "values" ship has sailed. The election will be won by the guy that the the majority thinks can get the economy going in the right direction. So, spending time and money on stuff that is irrelevant and not related to the economy is exactly where Obama wants it to be. We know Democrats are stupid but the Republican primary focus is also exactly where Obama wants it to be. What does that make Republicans? Every time there is another values quote (mostly Santorum but the others are forced to also make similar statements), Santorum polls higher in the primary and Obama polls higher in a head to head race with him. How is that good? It is time for reality - Santorum, Newt and Paul have no chance in the general election so let's stop acting like dopey Democrats and get the campaign back to the economy and the only guy who will campaign on it.

So, my campaign is answer every email I get of an anti-Obama cartoon, joke, or anecdote, (almost none of which are related to the economy and most are about "values") with a reminder that "It is the economy, stupid" is the most accurate political advice available. The rest will take care of itself, I hope.

Have everyone spread the word. "It is the economy, stupid"

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