Sunday, February 22, 2009


During the election, it was clearly that the overriding issue for the majority was the removal of George Bush. The idea that this would have happened anyway never occurred to most; the important thing was Change. As a result, the election was almost entirely devoid of issues.
Two things were made clear. First was that Obama was going to end the war faster than GWB. The pledge to pull the troops has been replaced by a vague policy of getting the troops out of Iraq in about 16 months – maybe.
The second thing that Obama made clear was that there would be a redistribution of income. Not much was made of it then but this was repeated often. The President is certainly delivering on that promise. He is giving $1,000 per child (more if there are more than 3) to people who don’t pay taxes, paying the mortgages of people who bought houses that they, and providing incentives to states to enroll more people on welfare. This is not economic stimulus.

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