Friday, February 20, 2009


Representative Pelosi, her husband and an entourage went to Italy at taxpayer expense. Her reason is that Italy is the United States strongest ally in NATO. (She apparently highly values the Italian Army.) Anyway, after castigating the Auto CEOs for wasting money, this pack went to museums, saw the Pope privately, got her grandmother’s birth certificate and otherwise fiddled while the US economy was in flames.
Taxpayers are also paying for another group’s trip to India to commemorate the 50th anniversary of MLK Jr. studying the ways of Mahatma Gandhi. This bunch included some Congressmen, MLK III and his wife, a jazz musician and others.
These are the people (all Democrats to be politically correct) that are telling us that these are tough times and everyone will have to make sacrifices.
They consider the tough times and sacrifices to be for everyone else. They are acting like a ruling class. These Emperors have no clothes.

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