Sunday, February 15, 2009


Senator Schumer claims that no one cares about a “little, tiny, yes, porky amendments”. This is just another positive proof of how out of touch he is. He and most of the rest of the professional politicians on both side of the aisle have no idea of the world where money is real and not just numbers on an amendment. These “tiny” bits of pork are each millions of dollars. Even he admits they are pork. The reason for them is not to assist economic recovery in any way. They are essentially bribes paid by the politicians to each other with our tax money. Everyone gets to go back home and brag about what they put in the package for the benefit of their financial supporters. This is about these people getting themselves re-elected – not economic policy.
His argument that Republicans were focusing on these things as a reason for not supporting the measure is an outrage. He wants everyone to support the bill and rejects any criticism that large portions are unnecessary. At the same time, he admits that they are unnecessary and have no place in the package. By his own statements, the bill would have the same economic impact without them but the waste involved should be condoned anyway. So, what are they there and why is he supporting this garbage?
Senator Schumer should be looking for another job.

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