Monday, February 2, 2009

Tax Payers

The transparency of this Administration is quite obvious. It is clear that President Obama’s nominees believe that paying taxes is the job for the middle class. He has proposed a Treasury Secretary who doesn’t pay taxes until he is caught and he was approved. His nominee for H&HS Secretary doesn’t pay taxes until he is caught but he will be approved too. Incredibly, they are both taking credit for paying back taxes (after they were caught), like that makes it all better. These were not complicated misapplications of the convoluted tax code. These guys collected income and simply did not report it. This is pretty basic error and something that – for instance - the head of the IRS should be expected to know and would be laughed at if used as an excuse in Tax Court.

While both have admitted to their errors and the Democrats have been falling over themselves in the media trying to explain away these small oversights because “we really need these guys”. The reality is that the country needs people who pay their taxes even more than it needs people who illegally avoid them.

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