Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rushing to disaster

Rush has to change or go.
Radio is one of the few outlets that can get through the media censorship of any conservative opinion. Radio and a few commentators have brought many issues to the public that would others wise go unnoticed. Unfortunately, some of the commentators have lost their way. Leading the pack of those running in the wrong direction is Rush Limbaugh.

Rush has become a legend in his own mind. His political and philosophical disagreements have become personal vendettas. What started out as a platform for conservative thought has become a daily episode to feed his ego and preach to the choir. Pointed satire has given way to snide comments and forced laughter that do nothing to promote his political position. The man is an embarrassment to anyone with a conservative thought. Rather than using his pulpit to promote alternative solutions, it has become a daily negative monologue that feeds the media a steady diet of his easily refuted rants.
The most recent example is his rant about the Florida woman at the Obama photo op. A tape is all over the Internet. It is decidedly not what Rush said it was. She simply did not say what Rush heard. Then there is his Operation Chaos debacle in the primary. The Stop Hillary Express was an exercise in personal dislike and ego gratification that did nothing other than to energize lots of Democrats that never would have voted. His audience of worshipers loves it, agrees and believes his every word. There is no real effort to convince the occasional undecided voter that might tune in.

This is not about compromising on principles. It is about presenting them in a manner which can actually have an impact. We have a minimum of 4 years of this President and 2 years of this Congressional majority. For any change to be made, positive alternatives have to be offered to the people undecided. The majority has proven to be influenced by rational discussion that is well presented (see Reagan/Obama). That two such different philosophies can win proves the point. Rush’s brand of faux-conservatism can never be the majority and he and his audience needs to figure that out.

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