Thursday, February 12, 2009

What happened?

The President elect earned his victory. But the euphoria that still surrounds it has generated a cycle of analysis which has completely misinterpreted the results. His victory had many fathers:

The Republican Party ran the worst possible candidate they could. They ran the one man of all their initial candidates that could be most closely associated with incredibly unpopular George W. Bush. They created situation where the candidate had to run against to people, allowing Senator Obama to trumpet a “Change” that meant one thing: Change George W. Bush.

Senator Obama was a terrific candidate for television and a good speaker. Senator McCain’s ratings in these areas are positive only in comparison to Bob Dole.

Senator McCain, the worst available candidate, ran a horrid campaign. He had no real thrust; presented no reason for offering his candidacy and seldom stuck to an issue for long.

Senator Obama made the politically correct decision not to accept public funds. He did break his initial promise but it was the correct thing for him to do. It enabled him to outspend McCain about 4:1.

Senator Obama had overwhelming media support. Senator Obama was the least vetted candidate in since Jimmy Carter. His policy proposals were never analyzed for cost, he was allowed to skate on his past associations ,and the media went to great lengths to ridicule McCain's running mate.

The race factor was a significant benefit to Senator Obama and this was ably assisted by Limbaugh's "Stop Hillary Express"

Issues played almost no part in the election. War, Illegal immigration, fixing the tax structure, and correcting the health care and social security messes were all secondary to the issues above.

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